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First House Pottery Studio

coil bowl

Katherine Morrissey, Owner, Functional Ceramic Instructor and Artist

Clay has always been a part of my life. My passion started in high school and continued into college. I was fortune to have some amazing opportunities in college including building and firing gas and wood kilns, raku techniques, and overall an extensive practice in ceramic arts!  I completed a BA in studio arts, concentrating in ceramics/ minoring in printmaking from SUNY Plattsburgh. After college I managed a paint your own pottery studio in Stowe, Vermont. And accompanied a local ceramic artist,  Katherine Washburn. Helping produce her line of custom pet ware. In 2013, I started teaching preschool art. Offering process based art experiences to young minds. It made me recognize how much I truly enjoyed offering the experience to create. I am now a mother for 2, happily located in Underhill Vermont. Ready to help provide an environment for creative minds to connect!

First house pottery started shortly after we bought the house in 2014. The detached garage was a perfect space for my hobby clay studio. Producing functional thrown pottery. Opening the studio to the public has always been a dream of mine. Sharing, teaching, and creating with others is what inspires me. Renovation construction started on the studio in July 2023. Opening for business in December 2023.

The studio is a functional clay space equipped with 4 electric wheels. Offering Laguna Stoneware (white,buff,and speckled) bisque firing to cone 06 (1798°F). And glaze firing to cone 6 (2200℉). Using electric kilns for the firing.

Please reach out and contact me about independent studio time and kiln space. I invite local experienced potters to come create. There is limited availability as the studio set-ups managing class needs. But I'm excited to be able to offer space to the surrounding artists!

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